The Boy That Flew To Lagos From Benin On Arik's Tyre Thought The Plane Was Going To USA

THE young stowaway, Daniel Ihekina, who was captured atthe Lagos Airport in the wake of flying in the tyre opening of an Arik planefrom Benin to Lagos on Saturday morning, supposed he was on a US-bound flight.

As per Punch, a source at the Benin Airport who revealed this said the kid's folks had as of recently left for Lagos in inquiry of the stowaway.

The hangar source, who did not need his name in print said,

From what we listened, the kid said he was being abused and tried to getaway from his guardians. He supposed he was headed to the US. The folks have gone to Lagos by way, to get him back."

In the interim, the kid had been given over to the agents of the State Security Services for further examination.

How was he supposing he might survive if the plane was truly set to USA?funny him

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