5 Best Ways to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

5 Best Ways to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

Majority of people think that maintaining a long distance relationship is tough and very complicated. It is totally on you how much serious you are for your relationship.

Long distance relationships have their own pros and cons. For example, if you are a busy person, it will work for you, as you will get enough space. But, if you are a kind of person, who need love and attention all the time, you will find it difficult to be in a LDR. More over, you will always miss the physical love when you are in a distant relationship. If you are serious and positive towards long distance relationship, it will be much better than a close relationship.

1. Be positive: 
The worst cause for ruining a long distance relationship is that people are never positive towards relation. Never think that your partner is away and be in touch with each other, this will help you to maintain relationship. It’s totally up to you how you want your relationship to grow. You both must be totally positive and promise to maintain the importance of relationship.

2. Trust: Trust is another factor which you must consider while you are in a long distance relationship. There might be insecurities that your partner might find someone else, because you are far from him/her. You need to believe your partner that he/she won’t be seeing someone else, as you both promised to each other. Insecurities can mess up your long distance relationship. If you are loyal to your partner, he/she will surely be loyal to you.

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3. Communicate: It is very important to be in touch wit each other through phones, emails,Frabidel, web cam, chat o anything else. Every day you must talk to each other, to know what is going on in each other’s life and to be with each other in good and bad times. Keep inform each other about new friends,new events or another relationship. This will make you both think about each other every day and will give you a feeling of togetherness.

4. Plan Surprises: Plan often to meet or give him/her surprises. If you are very far that you can’t even mee then do send E-cards, gifts, love letters or dedicate love songs to show that you care and still have lovely feeling for your partner. Love letters are outdated but they can show how much you both miss each other. If you both will miss each other, your love will increase more.

5. Take relationship serious: 
If you really want to keep your long term relationship alive, you need to take it seriously. Your love must be same for your partner, even if you both are apart. You both have to keep your relationship on high priority. Always receive each other’s calls and reply to messages as soon as possible. Never fail to express your feelings to each other.

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