3 Techniques Men Apply When they Want to Approach a Lady

Women will melt for a gentleman who is there to protect her and guard her; When you are with your girl, give her a feeling of protection; guard her while navigating through a crowd, shield her from wind or rain or protect her by walking on the outside of the side-walk.

These little acts of care speak volumes and make you the ultimate gentleman.

1.Women Likes beautiful things:
If you know what makes her happy, try do it , I don’t mean wasting your money , the shocking truth any woman that truly love you or want you ,will reject your wealth and she gonna spend her money on you. Is not about the money getting a woman , be a real man ,be presentable;someone she can proudly say to her friends this my guy.

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2. Spend Time With Her Family:
Nothing melts her heart more than seeing you getting along well with her family. Women always cherish a guy who takes out the time to spend with her family. A true gentleman will willingly pu in time with her girl’s parents and friends. This shows his true and sincere intentions towards th girl. Such guys are keepers and women fell for them instantly.

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3. Spend Time Doing What She Likes:
Spend time with her doing what she really likes t do. It could be taking her out for shopping or watching a girly movie with her or watching her favorite TV show with her without complaining or asking for anything in return. This is a real act of chivalry, just spending time with her and letting her enjoy what she likes to do.

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