Support Hurricane Harvey Relief

Support Hurricane Harvey Relief                                                         Support Hurricane Harvey Relief

Lets support those affected by Hurricane Harvey, with as much as 11 trillion gallons of water having fallen in the Houston area since Friday and with more rain predicted, people from around the country are looking for ways to help those affected by the storm.

In the early days following a natural disaster, monetary donations are often best versus contributing material goods or volunteering. It’s not only a matter of safety, but it’s also a matter of logistics. “The problem right now is even getting supplies and people into the area,” Forrester says. “There are so many highways that are closed.

They are anticipating another 12- to 18-inches of rain in the area today, so the health and welfare of the people, but also the fact that the supplies can’t make it there, and even if they did, there’s nowhere to put it. lets support hurricane harvey relief.That’s another reason why we say cash is best because there’s no place to put anything that’s donated.”

Together we can make a difference.
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